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Mentor, mum, educator, double platinum recording artist, and old school popstar.

"I am still singing and dancing in the kitchen most nights."

So glad you have stopped by.

Wellness, spirituality and growth development mixed with entertainment and business is everything I live and breathe and have done so for a very long time.

My intention is to be what I needed when I was young. Combining all that I know as a performer, creative and entertainment industry professional and share it with you.

Sally Polihronas

I dreamt of being a performer from a young age, I had big dreams of being a popstar...
Fast forward years later and my little girl dreams came true.

I could never have imagined the life that followed. I have 30+ years experience in the entertainment industry as a performer, producer and business professional.

I started out at age 11, as a performer working professionally in my home town Adelaide before I moved to Sydney at 23, and became a part of Australia’s most successful girl band Bardot.

Although I have lived the life of a performing artist, recording artist, songwriter and media personality, I have also worked as a producer of live events, shows and tours, pr, marketing licensing and as dance and movement teacher and coach. 


Some of the high profile events I have worked on include Kim and Khloe Kardashian events, The Sydney Comedy Festival, and as Director of Live Experiences at FremantleMedia, working with some of the world biggest television brands, The X Factor, Australia’s Got Talent and Grand Designs.


I have studies in business, marketing, management, online business and a certificate in applied neuroscience – brain health.

My love for learning keeps my finger on the pulse.

You can check out my full journey below.

"Family means everything to me! My biggest achievement by far is my role as mum to my 2 beautiful girls."

Not only did I have dreams of becoming a popstar, I also had dreams of being a mum and having a family. I took a long pause to focus on motherhood and I’m better for it. It was the best decision of my life.

Becoming a mum is a dream come true and having that time with my girls was and still is priceless. 

Note for all women reading this who are yet to have kids, I was 39 when I had my first daughter and 43 when I had my 2nd daughter. There is still time! 

"I want to follow my passions and live with purpose but still be a hands on mum."

Sally Polihronas

Things I love

"I'm a gluten free, dairy free almond chai lover.
I love 90's R&B, soul music and nothing beats belting out an 80's power ballad while cooking, which is where you will find me most nights.
I've been low-tox for over 20 years and I'm all about clean living and wellness. I love working out at the barre but nothing beats local beach walks. I'm a sucker for dark chocolate and my favourite people are soulful people.

“ My mission is to support, guide and inspire creatives to discover their true potential and to take action on their dreams.
Sally Polihronas

My journey


Born to Dance

Born to dance and perform. Nothing else that set my heart on fire. My whole childhood was devoted to movement and developing as a performer.


Young Performer

At age 11 I started working as a professional performer. My first jobs were children's fashion parades, pantomimes, Disney and Warner Brothers shows. Performing every school holiday break through out my entire school life. Plus product launches, events, theatre shows and dancing in nightclubs.



After high school I worked as a performer a lot, but studied fashion, fitness and business with certificates in Apparel, Fitness Leadership and a Diploma in Business - Majoring in Marketing and Management. I worked in marketing and promotions at Heaven Nightclub and the Newmarket hotel in Adelaide. I booked bands, managed the entertainment , marketing and promotions for the venues and was a part of The Buzz street magazine team. I hustled! I worked or studied all day and night for many years. I always managed to balance being a performer and working on other parts of my career. At the end of my Diploma I auditioned for reality TV Show Popstars. I was moving further into business and marketing and thought I'd put performing aside but the universe had other plans.

Sally Polihronas


In 1999 I auditioned on the reality TV Show 'Popstars' and became a member of Australia's most successful girl band Bardot. We released 2 albums with high record sales double platinum, platinum and gold. 2 national concert tours and music released in Australia, Asia, India and the UK. We performed all over the world, from The Aria's, The Bollywood Film Awards, MTV Music Awards Asia plus more. We graced magazine covers, TV shows, media performances and radio shows. I wrote 2 songs on our 2nd Album, Play It Like.


Artist LIfe

A spiritual chapter and a deep dive into life after fame and an artist's journey. This time of my life enriched my soul and I gained a deeper understanding of what life really meant for me seperate to being a performer. A time of personal growth, reflection and healing through music, songwriting, yoga, running and vegan living.


Goddess Entertainment

My own freelance business, consulting, teaching dance and a movement coach. I tried everything in pursuit of what set my soul on fire. I produced a short documentary on Adelaide talent and hosted the Adelaide Fashion Festival. I was restless though and wanted to travel more and see life from a different lens.


Travelling Gypsy Girl

A gypsy girl living out of a suitcase. LA, NY, Europe and lived and worked in London. Fulfilled travel dreams, met wonderful people and learnt more about who I was and what I wanted from life. I landed at an amazing digital media agency and my world of media opened up. I up skilled and gained a greater understanding of the digital media landscape.


Senior Producer

Back in Sydney, I pivoted and I stepped into producing. I worked as a senior producer for Century Venues, The Sydney Comedy Festival, The Comedy Store and 6DC Public Relations. I produced some great events and tours but worked from the bottom up. These years were brutal I worked my ass off but I up-skilled and established myself as a producer and I broke open the bullshit pigeon hole that my popstar life was all I was. I went a little indie and with that emerged a new woman. I was confident, knew my worth and knew I was good at my work.


Director Of Live FMA

I manifested my dream job, Director of Live Entertainment at Fremantle Media Australia. My role was developing and managing live extensions for all FMA brands including, The X-Factor, Grand Designs, Neighbours, Australia's Next Top Model. This role was amazing, I was pivotal in creating The X Factor Live tours. I learnt so much about marketing large scale events and managing and marketing licensed brands. I learnt a hell of a lot about TV show branding, licensing and how production companies work.



I dreamed of love, A hopless romantic always choosing the wrong guys. I finally met my husband and in 2014, I got married and had my first daughter in 2015. I stepped away from my career to focus on my 2 beautiful girls because I had always dreamt of being a stay at home mum during their early years. The best time ever and a total deep dive into conscious parenting and raising healthy little people.



I love learning, I'm curious and there is nothing I love more than diving into new topics. During my career pause I immersed my self into a lot of study about human potential. I also accomplished Marie Forleo's B School and a Certificate in Neuroscience - Brain Health and Wellness. Always keeping my neuron's firing and rewiring. I also devoted my time to mentoring and helping others with branding, websites, industry insight and soulful living.


Here I am now stepping into mentoring creatives and performers to dig deep and find that real artist within so that they can live an authentic, healthy successful creative life without the heartache and struggles. I want to share through my own experiences but most importantly meet you where you are at so you can push through to the success you seek. I'm also launching Lustre Lane a brand to empower and inspire the creative soul.

Okay wow,

you know so much about me now,
I think we might be friends.

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