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An Artist Life Workshop offers a deep dive into the inner life of an artist’s life. It is the intersection of personal development and the creative life. Exploring the creative path from the inside out

An Artist's Life Workshop is for...

If you are navigating the Artist’s life and want to explore the artist within so you can elevate and dig deeper to discover your personal life map to create a plan for your vision and goals. 

Whether you feel like you need to elevate your craft or create a business, this course will help you unlock your life vision and set up your daily life with clear intentions and goals to achieve it.

If you feel stuck in your creative life and are in need of a deep dive of self discovery to unlock your limiting beliefs, know your values and have clarity on what you want your life to become. 


An Artist’s Life Workshop is designed to make the artist look at their path and artist life with a holistic approach and to take action from the truest most authentic self. 


By the end of this course the artist will have a....


Self Discovery - Life Map

A deep dive into self discovery to create a life map. Discover limiting beliefs and values, know your why? and recognise your relationship with success. Understand mindset and how it contributes to your life and career.


Wellness - Overview

By learning the key fundamentals in wellness that will keep you in the best possible mental and physical state to achieve your goals. The intersection of wellness and creativity.

Add on Areas.


Branding - Brand Map

Having a greater understanding of your personal brand and creating a brand map that will help you discover your true brand essence.  


the entertainment industry

Taking a look at the entertainment industry and exploring the key fundamentals of the business of entertainment.


Know your Business

Learning how to manage your personal business is vital for any creative. We look at the business checklist and the key areas you should be across for career growth.


Creative Voice

Having a clarity of your creative voice is what sets you a part from the rest. We go through the steps to find your creative voice.

Presented by
Sally Polihronas

Sally’s experience and personal success is a real life reminder that anything is possible because her dreams came true a few times over.

Most importantly she navigated the path with integrity, truth, authenticity and has evolved through each success with a deeper understanding of who she is and what she has to offer.

" Understanding the self discovery that is needed to find the truest version of yourself as an artist is vital for healthy success and sustaining it."

Sally Polihronas

What the people have to say...

"Sally helped me get past a huge barrier to help me move forward. Sally is amazing at making you feel comfortable and safe."

Jessica Mula


"After this session I feel as though I have the tools to help me improve my mindset towards my career, auditions, class, life and show up as a better version of myself."

Chelsea Francis


"Sally was so knowledgable, I feel like I have the tools to map out the steps I need for a prosperous life and career."

Tahlea Kahupukoro


"Encouraging and Inspiring"



"It made me realise I can act now to set myself up and to achieve my future goals."

Nick Mills


"Insightful for Artists"

Candice Green


A note from Sally...

Sally Polihronas

I have lived a life as a performer and experienced the life of a high profile popstar.

I personally know what an artist’s life consists of, from the struggle, the rejection and the copious amount of hours, sweat and tears required to succeed in the entertainment industry.

I have been where the artist is at and trust me, I remember it like yesterday. Having clarity and insight gives you the confidence to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

I have also worked with brands, talent and events and can share how branding is the first step after self discovery to bring to life all that you are as an artist or brand.

Much Love