A deep look into navigating the creative path from the inside out.

Assisting the creative artist to navigate their creative path with confidence, clarity and to discover their roadmap to the life they desire.

Sally Polihronas

Before I tell you about this course

let's talk about who this is really for...

An Artist’s Life Online Course if for the creative dreamer someone who wants to create a life doing what they love.

The creative who feels stuck, frustrated and wants to discover how to unlock their personal best to create a creative life that is both healthy and successful.


An Artist’s Life is for you if you want to say goodbye to the uncertainty of how to navigate your creative career and say hello to showing up and creating a life from a place of clarity, confidence and real life insight.


If you are...

who doesn’t know how to make a career out of what they love and needs direction on how to make that happen.

who wants to do what they love for a living but isn’t quite sure how to go about it.

but want to unlock the blocks that are keeping you back from creating the life you want as a creative.

You’re in the right place!


An Artist’s Life Online Course will give you the insight, tools, inspiration, motivation and support to gain control of your creative life and the confidence to stay on course and design a life and career you dream of. 

It’s all in you… it just needs to be unlocked.

By the end of this course you will have ...


Dived Deep to Discover what is holding you back

You will go through the self discovery to discover your limiting beliefs, values and recognise your relationship with success.


Have a wellness plan that supports your life

By learning the key fundamentals in wellness that will keep you in the best possible mental and physical state to create the life you want.


Created a Life Map

Creating a life map that will include your deepest desires and creating a map of how to achieve it.


Found the Artist Within

Exploring your artistry at the core to connect with your craft so that you are consistently creating from a place of authenticity.


Discovered your personal brand

Gain a deeper understanding of your personal brand and create a brand guide that will help you navigate your personal style, voice and assist you in your business choices.


Developed a Roadmap to success

Step into your business and get the tools to to manage your affairs with confidence.

Create a roadmap best suited for your future success.

Above all else..

An Artist Life is presented by Sally Polihronas.

Her experience and personal success is a real life reminder that anything is possible because her dreams came true a few times over.

Most importantly she navigated the path with integrity, truth, authenticity and has evolved through each success with a deeper understanding of who she is and what she has to offer.

You too can discover what it takes to not conform and create a life doing what you love.

Sally Polihronas

What the people have to say...

Working with Sally really helped me bring my brand to life.

Her deep dive into a soulful branding strategy allowed me to put all of what I felt into my brand without restrictions or compromise. She understands the personal development that comes with building a brand. She really understood that my concept was unique and she worked with me to bring it all to fruition. I'm so thankful for her support and understanding of the brand I was trying to build. She helped inspire confidence and this, in turn helped me expand my way of thinking to a whole new level.
D.OSE Coffee Brand

Kind words from clients...

"Sally helped me get past a huge barrier to help me move forward. Sally is amazing at making you feel comfortable and safe."

Jessica Mula


"I have grown my photography business and turned pro with Sally's guidance, support and knowledge. My business success is a reflection of my own personal growth which she has had a great impact on."

Christina Toulantas

Photographer/Content Creator

"Sally was so knowledgable, I feel like I have the tools to map out the steps I need for a prosperous life and career."

Tahlea Kahupukoro


It's your time to shine

You deserve it, make it your year

Make the An Artist's Life Online Course your first step.

What's inside the


A Deep dive into your personal creative life map.

  • Unlock your beliefs, values,
  • Finding your why?

Creative visualisation, Showing up as your future self.

  • 2-5 year vision and goal setting, daily habits and intentions


Success what is your definition and what does it mean to you.

Health and well-being are essential for achieving success in life!

When you prioritise your physical and mental health, you are setting yourself up for limitless possibilities and accomplishments.

By creating healthy habits and nurturing your mind and body, you are sending a powerful message to yourself and the universe – that you are worthy of a thriving and abundant life.


We take a look at wellness and how you can create practices, rituals and habits that support your path to success

The creative path is a tricky one, you pour your heart and soul into what you do and creatives are often led by how they feel and their emotions, which dictates your daily life days that lead to weeks months and years of no productivity.

Conquering the creative path and turning pro can seperate you from those that never make it.

Developing your artistic daily life can be your answers to moving through the blocks.

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When You Enrol Today you receive these free bonuses.

Bonus 1. Value ($500)

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Deep Soul Sessions with Sally, gives you the opportunity to;

  • Connect in an online group environment with like minded souls.
  • Be a part of a Q&A Session with Sally where she takes the conversation deeper into the creative path.
  • Submit your questions prior to the group session.
  • Guide the conversation with key topics that interest you.

Bonus 2. Value ($220)

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You basically receive a free mentor session with Sally where she will give you instant feedback on any topic that you need assistance with.

This session gives you the opportunity to:

  • Have a personal session with Sally.
  • Address any areas that need attention.
  • Get instant feedback 

These areas can include but are not limited to:

Artist’s Life Path, (Performers + Creatives) Recording Artist Career, Stage Craft, Mindset, Wellness, Self Discovery, Soulcare, Music Industry Business, Personal Branding, Producing  Events and Tours, Soulful Marketing, Branding, Online Business (Website + Brand Strategy).

Bonus 3. Value ($75)

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 This MIndset Reset Guide is going to be your best friend and perfect bonus to thi course.

Mindset is everything and what better way than to start this course than with a quick mind shift.

This guide covers;

  • My 5 M's - 5 key areas that I feel are pivitol in managing a positive healthy mind.
  • Insight into the brain and how it works.
  • Playlists to help you chill and to elevate your moods.
  • tools and tips to help you in your daily life.

I believe in creating daily habits over elaborate change. It all starts with a single choice and from there you have the ability to create the daily life you want.

This is a first time event

Get ahead of the crowd, enrol in the

An Artist's Life Online Course today.

Inside the 'An Artist's Life Online Course' you get...

8 Instructive Modules for Implementation

8 modules delivered weekly via your own private membership portal.

Each Module is to be implemented and all exercises are available for download.

00 Worksheets

00 printable worksheets to work through every topic we cover in each module.

The Library

The library offers extra resources and information that will further enhance your course experience.

Weekly Check In With Sally Polihronas

Every Friday morning Sally will check-in with all creatives via an online 1hr zoom chat answering any questions about the week's module topic and implementation exercises.

Private Facebook Group

Access to a private facebook group where you can connect with fellow creatives.

Bounus Content

Sally's Soul Session - A 1 hr Live Group zoom chat, Free Mindset Reset Guide, Free 1:1 Feedback Session with Sally for first 10 to enrol.

It's time to take hold of your creative path

and show up like never before

Enrol in An Artist's Life Today


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What if I want a refund?

10 day Risk Free Guarantee

If you decide An Artist's Life isn’t for you, that's ok! You can contact us 10 days from the date of the first module release to request a refund and we will give you your money back. We understand that sometimes we aren't aligned but what we do request is that you complete the first module before you receive a refund and that you include a details description of why this course isn't for you. If you contact us after 10 days from the first module release and haven't completed the module, or sent a reason for the refund and why the course doesn't live up to your expectations in the first module we don’t offer refunds.

FAQ's - I know! you are creative and curious.

How long will I be able to access the course online?

You have lifetime access to the course, so you can revisit any of the modules or content at any time.

Do I have to be a performer to benefit from this course?

No, not at all. many would benefit from this course as it is a course about self discovery and that can elevate any career. The focus is on the creative life because that's the one Sally has lived personally. Many areas of the course can be applied to creating any business. I have mentored photographers, performers and business owners through this content and all have been able to elevate their businesses and creativity. 

What if I start the course and don't like it?

Refunds are available. But... I know what it's like to get cold feet especially when you have to dig deep a little, it can be challenging and confronting that's why I ask that you complete the first module before you decide.

If you still decide An Artist's Life isn’t for you, that's ok! You can contact us 10 days from the date of the first module release to request a refund and we will give you your money back. We understand that sometimes we aren't aligned but what we do request is that you complete the first module before you receive a refund and that you include a details description of why this course isn't for you. If you contact us after 10 days from the first module release and haven't completed the module, or sent a reason for the refund and why the course doesn't live up to your expectations in the first module we don’t offer refunds.

What can I expect to experience when I take the An Artist's Life online course?

The An Artist's Life Online Course runs over 8 weeks.

The course is set up through an online platform where you have your own account and course materials. Each week a module is made available. A module has  video content and course PDF worksheets for you to download. On the Friday of each week, I open up Office hours which is a weekly zoom call that any student can be a part of. We talk further about the week's content and I answer your questions and help you move through the module with ease.

Week 4 is a recap week where you have a chance to catch up Office hours will still be available so it's a great chance to chat with me.

Once the course is complete you have the opportunity to join the Members only community where I offer weekly insight and ongoing mentoring for it's members.

Are you qualified to teach this course?

This course is based on my learnings of living the creative life for over 30+ years. I have studies in Business (marketing + management), a certifcate in Neuroscience Brain Health and Wellness. My experience as a popstar, dancer, singer, actor and an entertainment professional has built my skills in branding, producing and directing large scale brands and live events. You can read more about me here.

Does online learning really work?

I have personally taken many online courses in wellness, design, business and coaching.

I feel it is the best way to learn in the privacy of your own space and in your own time. It is convenient and rewarding.

When I designed this course I was adamant it would be online learning as I feel that although some creatives live a fast, loud and visual life it is often the quiet moments of reflection that really deserve support and guidance.

This course is designed to answer all of those late night google searches and questions. It's a chance to stop and pause and do some really important work on yourself so that you can achieve the goals and dreams you desire.

What are the tech reqirements?

All you need to complete the course is a computer with sound and a decent internet connection.

The course is all available through your personal login on The Artist's Life Platform. It's pretty much login and go!

Is there a Facebook Community to join?

Absolutely, there is a private Facebook page for all to interact and share on.

I will be joining the discussion also and assisting you with any concerns.

A note from Sally...

Sally Polihronas

Don't let another year pass and not be where you want to be.

 If you dive deep and do the inner work as an artist you will elevate and evolve into the artist you are meant to be and live the life you were meant for.

Sometimes we need guidance to support our journey because it's the road less travelled.

I have been where you are at and trust me… I remember it like yesterday. Having clarity and insight gives you the confidence to do things you wouldn’t normally do.

Please don't roam the creative life aimlessly,

There is a fine line between just waiting for things to happen and honouring your creative spirit.

Many spend their life a slave to the feel, the emotions and the right moments to create, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Success comes from taking the right action and momentum.

Taking a leap of faith and working on yourself is what this artistic journey is about.

If you are feeling stuck and can’t seem to move forward or are frustrated, complacent or unsure about your creative path, please know that there are ways to break though. 


Take the time to explore your truest self so that you can create the authentic life you seek.

Life is too short to sit around wondering if you will be successful or achieve your goals and dreams. It’s up to you to create it and believe me when I tell you it’s all in you and starts and end with you!

Much Love

Don't wait!

Do your soul a favour, dive into

An Artist's Life Online Course.

I remember what it was like to want to do something and not have the funds.

Here are a few pay options below to help you out.


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